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Wild Rose Essence

Wild Rose Essence

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100% Natural and Organic

Wild rose essence is unique and has multiple aromatic and therapeutic compounds, thus being an excellent ally to the health and well-being of the whole family.

Extracted from the petals, this essence soothes and brings feelings of love to the environment.

With its fantastic calming properties, it relieves feelings of stress and anxiety.

Try a few drops and enjoy the effects of aromatherapy through inhaling this striking floral fragrance.

Suggested Use:

Add 10 to 20 drops of wild rose essence over Dourorganics Volcanic Stones (the amount of drops will determine the intensity of the fragrance in the room). Let yourself be immersed into an experience that will provide a sense of well-being as you release the specific properties of the essence.

Aromatherapy night sessions with wild rose essence, helps in insomnia situations.

Wild rose essential oil - Organic and 100% Natural

Use for Aromatherapy only. Not to be used on skin. Do not ingest. Keeps out of the reach of children.

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