About us


I have always suffered with DRY SKIN.

I remember I was at Uni and the girls would have amazing make up on, and I was always struggling to make it look as flawless. My skin would always be so dry and flaky after applying the foundation.

I have tried everything from healthier food, more water intake to all sort of creams, I even had a terrible reaction at some point that burnt my skin and took about 3 weeks to recover.

The situation carried on for years until I discovered the magic of facial oils and natural skincare. I cannot tell you how this changed my life. One bottle of a 3 ingredient facial oil that came at the right time from a lady who didn't even have a store. She did this for her skin affected by chemotherapy.

Since then, I have discovered my passion for natural skincare. I started studying about plants, oils and benefits of clean skincare. My skin has changed forever, my confidence has been restored.

I know that many people are facing the same problems, and I know the feeling when you finally find that one product that changes your life forever. That is what happened to me, and now my goal is to help others to find that happiness too.


DOURORGANICS is dedicated to offer natural and organic skincare products to give your skin all the nutrients and protection it needs to enable it to work at full capacity to restore, rebalance and glow.

Our products do not contain toxic ingredients, artificial colours and fragrances. All our oils are certified organic, cold pressed, or CO2 extracted, which means that they are able to keep intact all the nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins that your lovely skin needs. We do our Rose Flower infusion in our own laboratory in order to get as much goodness as possible from the flowers.

While the world is becoming more artificial, toxic and busy, we choose to go back to basics. We choose natural, sustainable, cruelty-free.

DOURORGANICS is committed to providing you with purely natural, plant-based skincare that is good for you, highly nutritious and kind to animals and the planet,

Our ingredients are clearly displayed, and we choose as much as possible non GMO, and Certified Organic ingredients for our formulations.

With love,

Ana, Founder and CEO