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Mineral Diffuser - Black Lava Rocks

Mineral Diffuser - Black Lava Rocks

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Volcanic Rocks Natural Diffuser - sourced from Azores Islands in Portugal

Our volcanic stones diffuser uses the natural process for the diffusion of its essential oil.

Formed from volcanic lava, these stones, with their porous appearance, have high efficiency in absorbing and diffusing scents and, being extremely absorbent, retain the fragrances that are spread over time in a soft and lasting way, making the space relaxing and welcoming.

In addition to keeping the room constantly scented with your favorite essence, you can enjoy the surprising effects of aromatherapy.

The elegant tone and rustic appearance of our diffuser adapts to different environments, becoming a beautiful and elegant decorative object.

Suggested Use:
Add 10 to 20 drops of essence on the washed stones (the amount of drops will determine the intensity of the fragrance in the environment).

Let yourself be immersed into this experience that will provide a sense of well-being as you release the specific properties of the essence.


Volcanic Stones - 250g

Essence 20ml - see buying options

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